Free Game Making Resources

Models & Sprites for Games


Sprite Resources—Resources is the place if you’re looking for readymade material for your application. These are the links to websites that provide downloadable and ready-to-use resources. They may or may not be royalty-free to use in commercial applications. So be sure to check this out from the respective websites.

TPS Sprite Sheets

Reiner’s tilesets Free bitmap graphics Game graphics and sprites

The Shyguy Kingdom Sprites browsable by system

GSA Game Sprite Archives

Fenrir’s Sprite Domain

Mortal Combat Sprites

Nintendo Sprite Sheets

The Leaf Forest Zone Sprite comics and Sheets

NES SNES Sprites

Sprite GPL Collection of static and animated sprites

Spriteworks Sprites / graphics library

3D Modeling 3D models

Bogleech Sprites and sprite sheets

Bonzo Industries Sprites

Elilara’s Dragon Sprite collection

EMUGIFS GIF Animations

FattyBoy VG Sprites

Fireball Categorized sprites

RPG Makers Charsets/Spritesheets

GamingWorld Sprite Resources

KEngineGaming Sprites & Tiles

M3KBrothers Authorwise Sprites

MedianWeb Gifs

Mnini Megaman Sprites

Pixel Perfect Nice collection of over 15000 sprites

Pixel Warehouse Over 2000 sprites

RPG Dragon Sprite Library

RPG-Extreme Charsets

RPG Millenia More charsets !

Spriter’s Resource Character Sprites

Sprite Town Sprite town !

Tatakau Game capture picture gallery


Sprite Softwares—Softwares is the place to visit to quickly make your own sprites and models

MilkShape 3D Creates and edits models for games

Wings 3D Subdivision modeler

Blender Free open source 3D content creation suite

Anim8or 3D modeling and character animation program

DeleD 3D modeler for game projects

ModelSmith3D CAD based 3D modeling tool

Animation Master Animation software

Art-O-Matic A program that automatically draws

Cosmigo Sprite and bitmap editor

Tile Studio Bitmap editor for creating tiles and sprites

AWicons Pro Powerful icon and small graphics editor

3D Canvas Real time 3D modeling and animation tool

LightWave Modeling, animation and rendering software

3ds Max Generate realistic characters for games



Sprite Plug-Ins—Plug-ins offer several more graphic features to well known applications

PLUGICON Creates button pixel maps for Anim8tor plugins

Game Maker 6.1 Model Export Export your model to the Game Maker 6.1 model file format

3D Canvas Plugin site for 3D Canvas

LightWave Plugins Plugins for LightWave

3ds Max Plugins Plugins for 3ds Max

Anim8or Plugin site for Anim8or


Sprite Engines—Engines is the place to visit if you are an advanced programmer with knowledge of scripting. They help you render your graphics

Kyra Sprite Engine

Endogine Sprite and Game Engine


Sprite Tutorials. Learn Texture and Background making. Tutorials below are specific to the related softwares / applications

● Check the Graphics Tutorials


Sprite Forums—Forums is the place to explore latest happenings and more topics related to sprites and models.

Game Sprite Archives

3D Canvas Forum

Another3D Canvas Forum

LightWave Discussion Forum

3ds Max Discussion Forum

GamingWorld Resources Forum


Sprite Library. Libraries add additional functionality to your environment / Engine. More suitable for advanced programmers.

Cal3D Character animation library

Lib3ds Free Ansi C library for working with the popular ‘3ds’ model format

LibASE Library for parsing and reading information out of ASE files (format of 3D Studio and 3Ds max)